Brock and Friends

Brock the Badger is a character designed specifically with pre-school children in mind in order to promote physical literacy. Brock joined 3 other friends and became: Brock and Friends.

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Laura Brenchley Brock and Sammy p13

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EYFS Physical Activity Programme: Ready Sett Go! Commissioned by Durham County Council. The pack includes illustrated teacher and parents cards and reward stickers.

Card 1 of 20: Ready Sett Go!


Brock and Friends have just become involved in a family swim programme for Durham County Council: Ready, Sett, Splash! The sessions are to be delivered across the county starting in August 2017! The project included designing illustrations for both hand held instruction cards and decals for around the outside of swimming pools.

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Brock and Friends have also been used in a reading scheme for Durham County Council: Ready Sett Read! The programme is being used in libraries across the county to improve pre-school literacy.



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