3D Work

This was a proposal I designed for a light installation. It is an optical illusion.

There are only actually three models of penguins but placed inside an infinity mirror the models are reflected repeatedly.

The proposal was unsuccessful but I thoroughly enjoyed the process!


I love model making and like to experiment by making 3D pieces- this then informs my drawings. This is Floella the Fairy- all tucked up in bed!

These pieces are made from nails and loom bands and were inspired by a childhood game Nails on Tiles. I was examining structure for a study on “Is all good art beautiful?”.


Brock and Sammy made into 3D form. Loved creating this! The bridge is an old shoe box!


Doughnuts – all made of fabric!

A character really comes to life when you make it into a model!

All images © copyright Laura Brenchley 2023.