Laura Brenchley is a self taught freelance artist and illustrator with a particular interest in visual arts, community arts, social prescribing and illustrations for educational resources. She uses a variety of media, loves to draw and is always keen to explore boundaries and include some 3D features in her work. In recent years Laura’s  fascination for texture and obsession with colour has manifested itself in animal collages which currently dominate her private commissions.

Always keen to continually develop her practise, Laura has recently enjoyed life drawing classes which have greatly influence her understanding of observational drawing. Laura finds great satisfaction in working with the community and regularly delivers workshops to reduce social isolation, introduce new skills and as an escape for those with mental health issues. Laura often gets completely absorbed in her art work and loves to facilitate others in this experience. She loves to challenge perceptions and enjoys discussing her work and surprising observers who often think her collages use paint rather than paper!

Coming from a teaching background Laura is keen to use art to enhance children’s understanding and to make learning a visual experience. Her particular interests specialise on how to make physical development through PE more accessible to both children and teachers alike.

All images © copyright Laura Brenchley 2021.